ITU Cekirdek, selected as the world’s best university incubation center, cultivates enterprises that want to commercialize their technological solutions; it provides 360-degree support in the growth journey for ventures that have become companies and/or want to be a global player in their industry. The top 50 initiatives of the year from ITU Cekirdek Incubation Center took the stage at the Big Bang Startup Challenge 2023, meeting with major supporters and investors

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Project Highlights

  • Announcing the event to the masses
  • Explaining the prominent details of the event
  • Conducting interviews with the entrepreneurs

02Our Approach

The BIGBANG START-UP Challenge is a major event that provides training to startups that are either at the beginning of their journey or have grown their business and are seeking investment for international expansion. At the end of the training, these startups are introduced to investors. 

In our project, the general aim was to provide information about this event and its benefits, and to accurately describe the gains that enterprises can achieve within the ITU Seed framework.

Aligned with this goal, we provided accurate information about the event and also presented interviews where participating startups shared their gains, thus connecting the audience with the right information. 

By directing startups interested in participating in the BIGBANG START-UP CHALLENGE to the registration page, we contributed to the growth of the event, enabling it to continue the following year with even more participants. 

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The Result

At the end of the project, the startups featured in the interviews found an opportunity to showcase themselves. BIGBANG was thus announced to much wider audiences.

“In the projects I am involved in, my goal is to ensure that products and services are accurately communicated to the right audience.”

Mesut Çevik

Mesut Çevik

Editor in Chief