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Imagine the impossible with ProArt, create the unimagined!

The indispensable choice for virtual production processes and the preference of technology professionals, #ProArt is also the choice of Mesut Çevik!

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Project Highlights

  • Inspiring content creators
  • Assisting professionals in choosing the right product
  • Explaining the standout features of ASUS ProArt series monitors

02Our Approach

The goal of the ASUS ProArt display series is to offer the most advanced technologies to power the imaginations of creators everywhere.

With features such as mini-LED backlights, OLED displays, and ASUS Smart HDR technology, ProArt monitors are the solution for creating masterpieces.

Maintaining high visual quality in our video content has always been a top priority. Seeing accurate colors while producing these contents is very important. We have been using ASUS ProArt monitors in our workflow for a long time and are satisfied with them. 

Recognizing this, ASUS entered into a collaboration with MEDUBA in 2022, positioning Mesut Çevik as the brand ambassador for ProArt monitors.

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The Result

The project successfully achieved its goal of explaining the differences of the ASUS ProArt series professional monitors and guiding content creators to the right products.

it ensured that users understood the differences between ASUS's gaming monitors and the ProArt series monitors in their product range

“In the projects I am involved in, my goal is to ensure that products and services are accurately communicated to the right audience.”

Mesut Çevik

Mesut Çevik

Editor in Chief